Let’s Meet The Team

From what started as a one man clicking “public” on a facebook quiz for his friends and family, Jay now has a partner in Alex and a little helping hand from Bek, as they take on this weird old journey together. Find out a bit more about each of our quiz team below:

Jay Flynn
Jay Flynn is originally from Wimbledon, now from Darwen, Lancashire and a former pub landlord where he would run pub quizzes for the locals.

His aim with the virtual quiz was to ”lift a few local people’s spirits”, his quiz has now gone global and Jay is hosting regular quizzes with big plans.

Jay fondly describes pubs as being at the heart of any community and where you can find almost every type of key worker.

Jay has recently been awarded an MBE for his charity efforts.

Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes is Deputy CEO at The Diana Award, a charity in memory of Princess Diana, there he focuses on partnerships, development and fundraising. He also sits on the global safety advisory boards of internet social media companies and is an advisor to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Alex was a player of Jay’s quizzes and dropped him a note with some words of encouragement and ideas around social media, adopting a hashtag and celebrity involvement. Fast-forward several weeks and it’s now Jay and Alex at the helm of The Virtual Pub Quiz. Alex has taken the lead on growth, partnerships and press/publicity. Alex and Jay didn’t know each other before this, but now the two have become virtual friends.

Bek Sagar
Bek has been a good friend of Jay’s for going on 7 years. They worked together in a previous role where they bonded over Haribo and Tesco Meal Deals. Jay even let Bek tag along onto his quiz team every so often as she is also an avid quizzer and insufferable know-it-all! Bek currently has a full time managerial position in a high school so works with JVPQ on evenings and weekends, which keeps her busy alongside running a marathon or two in her spare time.

Working for Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz adds to Bek’s repertoire of exciting jobs, including teaching dance in New York and being a performer at Disneyland Paris!